Saturday, September 10, 2016

NYX customer service started out as a mix up and then quickly landed into poor customer skills. And then for whatever reason it suddenly turned into red ninja... nO strike that GINGA NINJA SKILLS AND THIS GINGA GOT WHAT SHE NEEDED AND OVER AND BEYOND! Woot Wooooooot!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NYX Luxe Life Makeup Collection, Poor Customer Service Continues!

#NYX Luxe Life Makeup Collection: This collection was on sale for $19.99 with any $50 fragrance purchase.  With a Clinique Happy gift set in my life, this Luxe Life Collection entered.   It actually entered over the Holidays in December 2013.

Upon opening the collection, I realized that it had 2 extra lipsticks and was missing one of the eyeshadow pots.  This sort of things happens to me a lot.  I have no clue why, I just roll with it.  I took to the internets and looked up NYX costumer service and gave them a ringy ding.  Their offices were closed, I therefore left a message explaining the product and situation.  More than 72 hours later, my phone call was returned.  A voice message was returned stating she was not aware of this product, could I send them a photo.  WhaaaaWha.  I took a photo and looked up the collection online and saved a screen shot of THEIR collection.  That was over a week ago.  I've posted to their Facebook and Instagram pages on the situation and Nada.  I've never dealt with this company... So far, my review, is not gonna rock.  This makeup better be akin to liquid gold for me to want to continue on with them.

Luxe Life Makeup Collection:

3qty Diamond Sparkle Lipsticks

Matte Blotting Paper

2qty Long Eye Pencils

3qty Nail Polishes

5qty Single Eye Shadows

2qty Color Lip Balms

1 Makeup Box (Velvet Lined)

1 Lace Pouch

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🍒2/7/14 Update:  After much adoo, I have an Update!  I Spoke to someone via phone.  They said all would be handled and apologized.  I Will update once product arrives and give my complete review...!  Including swatches, dupes and video!


MakeUP ME PreTTy... Thanks Lovey ::wink::

I've not been feeling like myself, and if anyone knows that feeling, it's so,SO, hard-oye! However, I have pledged to do my hair, wear my beloved makeup and accessorize at least 2-3X a week.  There is no need not to live the beautiful life.  I'm out in public still, therefore I will suit up and live like the beauty EVERY woman (including myself) is.  Amen!

I am also watching and learning a few things.  Getting ready to make my beauty/fashionista comeback ::wink::

P.S. Tackling exercise and nutrition, is also on my agenda my pretties!  Mwah #xoAmy